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LAP Technologies, a division of Laser Action Plus, Inc.  

At LAP Technologies our first priority is to provide our customers with reliable and cost effective solutions for their business. We accomplish this by staying current with advancing technology and by providing the best possible service.

Why Should You Use Us To Support Your Business?
Selecting a company to support your computer network can be complicated. There are many companies competing for your business and the number and complexity of the technologies makes it difficult to distinguish between the ones that are qualified to support your network, and the ones that are not.

We are certain that when you consider the facts, you will conclude that LAP Technologies is the best network support option available to you:

  • Quality - We use only top quality components made by name brand manufacturers and backed by a full manufacturer's warranty.

  • Integrity - We will create a custom solution just for you, that will be exactly what you need...and only what you really do need. We do not do One-Size-Fits-All (Network-in-a-Box) "Cookie-Cutter" networks.

  • Ease-of-Use - Using our IT Works service plan we can see your problem from our support center and in the majority of cases, we can solve your problem remotely without the cost, delay and inconvenience of having an engineer travel to your office. Our engineers will speak to you clearly and in plain English, not geek-speak or techno-babble.

LAP Technologies,
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Tel: 352-622-1786 - Fax: 352-867-1404, email: info@laptechnologies.com
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