Data Recovery  
LAP Technologies, a division of Laser Action Plus, Inc.  

85% of the companies that lose their data go out of business within one year.
Are you willing to bet your livelihood on a 15% margin?

Your business depends on the data your company has accumulated. It is vital to your success and would be catastrophic if lost. If you need critical data recovered  such as customer information, accounting data or an inventory database, we can help.

At LAP Technologies data loss is only a temporary issue.

Let LAP Technologies rescue your data from the point of no return. Under most circumstances we are able to successfully recover data, whether your storage device is working or not, using techniques shared by industry professionals and our own unique procedures that we have developed over time. We take great care in the data retrieval process, providing the results you need by reuniting your company with its mission critical data.

Disaster Prevention - Proactively avoiding data loss

LAP Technologies can engineer a disaster prevention solution tailored to your business and budget. By utilizing one of these proactive solutions you can avoid the costly data recovery fees, data input services, and hours if not days or weeks of downtime. Don't wait for data loss to happen to you; contact us for a customized and cost effective solution today!

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